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Introducing The Report!

Welcome to the Eureka Housing for All and Downtown Vitality Report!

Whether you have been a proud Eureka resident for decades or are a newer resident, we all know that how we handle key issues facing our city impact on our city for generations.

Together, we can imagine the possibilities for our city. Building new homes and neighborhoods, supporting our small shops and local businesses, and working with our community are all ways that will bring us together to find the best solutions for Eureka.

Through this blog, we will keep our neighbors, supporters, business owners, and leaders updated on the important steps we can take together to ensure passage of the Eureka Housing for All and Downtown Vitality Initiative this November. This measure will bring much-needed affordable housing by revitalizing the former Jacobs Middle School vacant property and preserving the economic vitality of our historic downtown.

We will also use this blog to refute the erroneous information spread by opponents of the measure – those who disregard what's best for the future for Eureka and instead want to move a risky plan forward that would devastate our downtown and fail to address the critical housing needs of our working families.   

Say YES to a better way to meet housing needs for more income levels AND support our businesses.

Join our growing list of supporters by signing up here, follow us on Facebook or join our email list below to keep updated.


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