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Signatures Verified: Housing for All Initiative Moves Forward

Yesterday, co-petitioners Mike Munson and Michelle Costantine were notified that the "Eureka Housing For All and Downtown Vitality Initiative" can move forward as it has been determined that the petition has enough signatures to be certified sufficient. The petitioners turned in 2,790 signatures on August 28, 2023. On September 28, 2023, the Humboldt County Clerk Recorder/Registrar of Voters determined the petition was signed by 1,974 qualified electors of the city, well above the necessary number required to be placed on the ballot in the next city election.

"We were always confident we had the signatures to move this initiative forward to allow the City of Eureka voters to weigh in on the important issues of housing and the economic vitality of downtown,” said Munson.

City Council will take action on the initiative at its October 17, 2023 meeting. City Council can either vote to adopt the ordinance without alteration, or within 10 days after it is presented; or submit the ordinance without alteration, to the voters in the next General Election.

You can view the Signature Verification Certificate below.

Signature Verification Certificate[35]

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