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Op-Ed: “Housing for All” Ballot Initiative Sponsors Welcome Public Input on Uses for the Former Jacobs Middle School Site

We are very pleased that Eureka City Schools has found a buyer for the former Jacobs Middle School property.  As the School District knows, our Initiative will rezone that site for urgently needed housing for Eureka. Ordinary families are being priced out of the housing market, and something must be done to meet this crisis. Undoubtedly, the Jacobs Site will better serve the community as a residential development rather than a corporate yard, as the City had proposed, or a satellite station proposed by the CHP.

We are encouraged to see the January 23 town hall scheduled to garner input from the community on how they would like to see this property developed.

  • Our Initiative works to increase the housing supply in Eureka, bringing down its cost and making it more affordable – especially for working- and middle-income families
  • Our Initiative identified the former Jacobs Middle School site for rezoning because it is an excellent site for badly needed housing for Eureka. The Jacobs site can accommodate a significant portion of the housing required to meet the state-mandated numbers, reducing the number and impact of the units needed for a developer in downtown Eureka.
  • Once the Jacobs site is rezoned, we envision a process whereby the community and the new owner work together to develop a Master Plan to build housing that is well-integrated with the surrounding neighborhood and is a crown jewel in the community of Eureka.
  • Located adjacent to an existing bus line and proximate to stores and services, the development of the Jacobs Site into housing would reduce reliance on automobiles, increase the use of transit, include state-of-the-art technology to conserve energy, and minimize the carbon footprint that new housing ordinarily entails. 

We agree that those on the low end of the economic ladder need housing and other assistance. Our Initiative is called “Housing for All” precisely because it focuses on the city and private developers providing housing for all, including working- and middle-income families. The city is pursuing a flawed Housing Plan that only provides housing for low and very-low-income households.

Our Initiative ensures that Eureka’s Housing Plan meets the needs of all its citizens while preserving the economic vitality of downtown and sustaining the local economy. 


Michelle Costantine, Housing for All Initiative Co-Sponsor
Mike Munson, Housing for All Initiative Co-Sponsor

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