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Letter to City Council Regarding Intended Ballot Statement

June 17, 2024
City Council
City of Eureka
531 K Street
Eureka, CA 95501

Re: City Council June 18, 2024 Regular Meeting Agenda Item H.1
Housing For All and Downtown Vitality Initiative


Dear Councilmembers:

This letter is submitted on behalf of the proponents of the Housing For All and Downtown Vitality Initiative (“Initiative”).

The agenda materials published for the above-referenced agenda item to be heard at the Council’s June 18, 2024 regular meeting indicate that the Council intends to present the Initiative to City voters through the following ballot statement (“Ballot Statement”):


Shall the voters approve an initiative that would amend the City of Eureka’s adopted General Plan, creating overlay designations for 21 City-owned parcels and the former Jacob’s Middle School Site; and deleting six City-owned parcels from the City of Eureka’s certified Housing Element, which would require re-certification by the California Housing and Community Development Department?


This Ballot Statement, as worded, violates state law because it is not worded correctly, and is untrue, partial, and would likely create prejudice against the Initiative. To avoid violating state law, we recommend that the City adopt the following ballot statement in the alternative:


Shall the measure amending Eureka’s General Plan creating an overlay designation for 21 City lots that, with exceptions, limits those lots to public parking, housing where the number of public parking spaces is preserved, and bike parking, and creating a designation for the former Jacobs Middle School Site allowing housing, public, and commercial uses, with at least 40% dedicated to high-density housing exclusive of public
facility uses be adopted?


A detailed explanation of why the proposed Ballot Statement is incorrect, untrue and prejudicial can be found in the full letter linked below.


Letter to City re Initiative_6.17.24

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