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Preserving the Economy, Enhancing Our Community

Just imagine what is possible for Eureka. Envision a future where the economic vitality of Downtown is preserved, the availability of affordable homes in tripled, and the vacant Jacobs site is revitalized for family-friendly homes.

The Housing for All and Downtown Vitality Initiative before voters in November offers a path forward to:

  • Preserve the economic vitality and vibrancy of Downtown to keep the doors open for our shops, restaurants and small businesses.
  • Triple the supply of desperately needed affordable housing for working and middle-income families in our community.
  • Revitalize the vacant Jacobs Middle School site to make way for an environmentally friendly family neighborhood.
  • Reject the city's risky plan to concentrate 300 low- and very low-income housing units Downtown, which would further exacerbate Downtown's struggles.

We all want the best for Eureka's future. The initiative before voters in November provides a way to both protect Downtown and address the need for more housing. Let's choose the path to a thriving Eureka. Support the Eureka Housing for All and Economic Vitality Initiative


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Housing for All